Diet Supplements – Best Diet for our Health

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Diet Supplements - Best Diet for our Health

Diet Supplements – we eat good things our body develops a Satwik inclination comes into the mode of goodness and if we eat garbage then our body also transforms accordingly, what we are eating is what our body is made of that is common sense, more importantly, our mind is also made of that people come to me Swamiji Gusaba.

I have this problem of anger extreme anger, I said do you eat chillies. I love chillies that are causing the anger it’s enhancing the camo gun is the mode of ignorance give it up I can’t give it up then you can’t give up anger as well there’s a direct link between the food (Diet Supplements) and the mind and the chando.

You that has a story in this regard the guruji was teaching his disciples that food has an impact on the mind so the disciples said guru Ji this does not seem plausible to me the mind is subtle and food is grass how can there be a connection the guruji said all right stop eating he made him fast for 15 days and he said do you remember these mantras.

So, the disciple had forgotten all the mantras he said all right now eat he made him eat and he started remembering the mantras he said to see there is a link between the two that is why the Vedas and the Bhagavad-Gita repeatedly tell us. It is important to understand the science of proper and healthy eating foods (Diet Supplements) can in general be classified into three modes.

Best Diet – mode of goodness mode of passion and mode of ignorance what are foods in the mode of goodness these are the natural foods created by God for us humans the grain the dals lentils pulses and beans the fruits the vegetables and all the products of the cow all this is Best Diet when you take it properly in moderation, it makes your body Diet Supplements brings it into the mode of goodness.

Best Diet for our Health

Best Diet -Makes your mind Satwik peaceful calm composed so this is Best Diet. However, the same food when you take it to the extreme cook it too much salt or too much chillies or too much sugar or too sour in other words anything too much in it then it becomes raja sick.

It comes into the mode of the passion you are then eating to gratify the palate you have to eat to live and not live to eat but that is what we are doing in the mode of passion so when we eat foods Diet Supplements in the mode of passion.

It sends the mind into a spin enhancing the worldly aspirations increasing the worldly desires to see touch taste feel hankering for a worldly enhancement that is the characteristic trait of the mode of passion there is then the mode of ignorance.

So, what is Thomas (diet supplement) food that has putrefied that is stale that is dry that is addictive and all the meat products so all these meat products and eggs and fish they are all included in the category of Tamago on foods in the mode of ignorance so when we take such best diet the body and mind take on such a disposition the nature of the mode of ignorance to goodness, it increases the tendency to violence.

Increases the anger laziness addiction sleep these are the traits and increases, in general, the darkness of the soul so of course the Vedic scriptures repeatedly say that don’t take meat products but throughout the world, in all religious traditions we find that many noble souls saints’ thinkers although born in meat-eating families.

Diet Supplements

Diet Supplements – they naturally gravitated towards vegetarianism whether it was in America in England etc. great thinkers, they naturally felt that you know this is not in consonance this diet with my thoughts so I’d rather take a vegetarian best diet that is why George Bernard Shaw had said he was a vegetarian he said don’t make your stomach the graveyard for animals.

However, if we logic it out God has designed this body for vegetarianism see the carnivorous animals, they have very short intestines because meat putrefies very rapidly. So, if it remains for long, it will putrefy and then it will cause disease so it has to be expelled quickly that is why the intestines of non-vegetarian animals are very small three times the body length and the human intestines are 10 to 12 times the body length of the small intestines.

So, the best diet is going to remain in for so long that meat will putrefy so medical statistics reveal that meat-eaters have twice the risk of cancer compared to non-meat eaters that are against the bodily design and all this holy cow disease that spread they were feeding beef to the cows. 

Now they’re going against the design of God and that was the cause and apart from that these carnivorous animals have sets of teeth planned accordingly they’ve got a whole set out here of canines for biting and tearing that flesh god has given us molars out here he’s not given canines all the way through and then apart from that these carnivorous.

Animals have a higher level of acid in the stomach to digest that meat, not we humans it’s not to that extent, and a very interesting characteristic you will notice is that all these meat-eating animals when they drink water, they lap the water and they regulate body temperature not by sweating but through the tongue and we humans don’t regulate body temperature through the tongue but through the pores and we don’t lap water we suck the water.

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Diet Supplements for Our Health

Diet Supplements – So, all this is indicative that God designed this human body for vegetarianism apart from that if we are killing animals then the karmic reactions, we will have to bear them you’re taking life for yourself you will have to face the karmic reactions.

Now Shri Krishna is going beyond and he’s saying even if you kill vegetables even then you are indulging in sin so he says that all right vegetarian diet is fine but even then, there has to be a proper way of doing it because life exists in various forms the plants also have life Dr. JC Bose the Calcutta scientist in the early 20th century.

He revealed how the plants possess a consciousness and you can enhance their growth through and when the gardener walks in who loves the plants their vibrations change and when a hunter walks in with a gun to kill the birds again the vibrations of the trees change so these trees possess consciousness, they possess life they also have souls if you are killing them, you are still involving yourselves in karma. (Best Diet for our health – Diet Supplement)

So, how to release yourself from the karma of killing these vegetables and plants so Shri Krishna says Arjun those who offer their food to God and partake of the remnants are released from sin while those who merely eat in the enjoying consciousness are eating best diet sin so the difference out here is in the internal attitude if our attitude is you know let me enjoy this let me enjoy that the face the karmic reactions but if our attitude is you know.

I do need to eat (Diet Supplements – Best Diet) otherwise this body will not function but my goal is to use this body in the service of God and in reaching him so that is why I have to take care of it. So whatever, I eat first let me offer it to God oh lord you please accept this and then, I will partake of it as your remnant so Shri Krishna says this attitude Arjun will release from sin do so do you.

Disclaimer for Best Diet for Our Health and Diet Supplements

We should consume vegetarian food in our life. God has made vegetarian food for us. We should never eat non-vegetarian food. Because the kind of food we eat, so will our brain work. Our intellect will become like the food we eat. It has also been said – As the Food Is Eaten, So Should the Mind.

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