Stomach Diseases Symptoms Causes & Treatments?

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Those emerging in the stomach are known as stomach sicknesses. In the present time, the stomach issue troubles the greater part of individuals and elderly folks say that assuming your stomach isn’t great then you will get various types of sicknesses.


There are also two types of stomach in the stomach, a small stomach, a big stomach, what happens in the small stomach is between our food pipe and the small intestine.

Small stomach which we call stomach. The food that goes to us and mixed with different types of acids there is their mission. Then after this the disease occurs in the small intestine.

What happens in the big belly? Liver also comes in the big stomach and stomach also comes. And the pancreas also comes and the pitta also comes, small and big bowel also comes and the bladder also comes. more parts come And in these, sometimes anyone gets any disease, sometimes some disease arises, there is no such person. Who has never been troubled by stomach disease, even if he must have been troubled by the stomach in any way?

In this article, I am going to tell you that how you can keep your small stomach and big stomach healthy, how you can keep yourself absolutely healthy. Now I will tell you those who are troubled by stomach disease.

Symptoms of Stomach Diseases

In Symptoms of Stomach Diseases – 

  1. The greater part of individuals say that there is dependably substantialness in the stomach infection.
  2. Gas is formed in the stomach.
  3. Here there is a burning sensation in the liver.
  4. Sour burps come.
  5. Many people who have stomach disease become chronic, they feel like vomiting. Nausea, which is called, many also vomit And it becomes a chronic disease.
  6. There are wounds all over the place in the
  7. stomach disease.
  8. Due to which blood starts coming in the vomit. Blood starts coming with the stool.
  9. Similarly, suppose most people speak. There is a pain in the stomach. Or many people say that there is frequent diarrhoea in the stomach.
  10. Many people complain of constipation, they are troubled in many ways.
  11. What happens to many people is that due to lack of stomach, they have to go fresh again and again, due to which the weakness in their body keeps on increasing.
  12. The weight goes away, that is, the weight is reduced. They remain very upset.
  13. Many people cite as a symptom that we start getting hiccups before meals.
  14. Many people start having hiccups after a meal.
  15. Similarly, many people say that we feel very less hungry.
  16. Due to loss of appetite, weight is going down in our body and weakness is felt very much in the body.
  17. Most of these symptoms are seen in these.
  18. Most people say that there was pain in the stomach, gas in the stomach.
  19. The most common symptom of burning in the stomach is seen.

Causes of Stomach Diseases

Many Causes of Stomach Diseases – So, I will tell you only how to get rid of these diseases. Presently I will let you know the explanation –

  1. So, the first reason that happens is that most of the people see that there is more fried food in the market.
  2. Overeating of late-digesting things and not exercising throughout the day.
  3. Sitting down or falling asleep after having a meal.
  4. Doing more brain work in this way.
  5. Mostly it is seen that some people are seen in the cause. Due to obesity, they also suffer from stomach diseases.
  6. Many people have constipation, due to which various types of diseases arise due to stomach problems.
  7. I see many people that they drink three glasses-four glasses of water at a time, which slows down their digestive fire and gives them stomach gas problems.
  8. Water should never be drunk together.
    With it, gas starts forming in the stomach, then various diseases arise.
  9. Somebody’s liver gets enlarged.
    Someone’s flesh is enlarged and someone’s bladder is enlarged.
  10. A woman’s uterus is enlarged, due to which stomach diseases bother her.
  11. Inflammation and infection in the abdominal organs, etc., due to which they are troubled by various types of diseases like the stomach.
  12. Many people are so much troubled that due to their chronic disease, they get injured at different places.
  13. Due to which the name of ulcer etc. is given.
  14. There are also many people whose Vata Pitta Dosha increases. For example, suppose I will waste your time a little bit that as someone who is a person of Vat nature, his body is of Vata nature and he uses more things that increase Vat. As if Rajma is white chickpea, then its Vata dosha gets aggravated.
  15. Which is due to the increase of the defect, it is in the stomach or in the liver or let’s say.
  16. Causes diseases in the intestines, due to which there are diseases in the stomach.
  17. From gas to pain in the body, you are troubled by various diseases.
  18. Similarly, the Pitradosh of many people increases in which Pitta is a person of nature.
  19. Pitta enhancers use things more. So, their bile varicose.
  20. By using these things, Pitradosh increases, due to which they are bothered by various types of stomach diseases, as well as various types of diseases like skin.
  21. Similarly, Kapha is a person of nature. When they make more use of a cough-enhancing diet, use heavy things for cold things, their Kapha dosha increases.
  22. Which is a disease related to phlegm or phlegm in the lungs.
  23. Now how do you know what the stomach has to do with phlegm? So, I’ll tell you this too.
  24. So, the phlegm is cold, what does it do? Does an individual with Kapha Prakriti dial back the stomach related fire?
  25. When the digestive fire stops due to excessive phlegm, then the food is digested late and if the food is digested late, then gas is caused due to non-digestion of food etc. And due to this, various diseases arise in the stomach.
  26. Stomach diseases also occur due to the use of against diet.
  27. How are the opposite diets that we use milk with sour vegetables or with sour fruits or say, with salty things or with meat and eggs, due to which various diseases arise in the stomach?
  28. Because the food that we take spoils our Indian system and the immune system gets disturbed, then the digestion power of the stomach becomes completely useless.
  29. For many people, it is seen as a reason that they stop the movement of stool, urine, gas etc. is formed in the stomach. Kapha, etc. is formed, due to which various types of stomach diseases arise in them.

Home Remedies of Stomach Diseases

Now, I am going to tell you the home remedies by which you can keep your stomach problem absolutely right. So how will I tell you this-

Dried Mint is to be taken by yourself. Large Cardamom is to be taken around 100 grams. About 100 grams of Fennel have to be taken. Ajwain is to be taken near 100 grams, close to 100 grams.

Take all these and make powder of different pieces well. When it becomes powder. Get everyone in one place and keep them in a box. Using half spoon in the morning and evening after half an hour with hot water, all kinds of stomach disorders are completely removed.

Those who do not like to eat powder or they do not like it, then I tell them that by adding a spoonful of powder to a cup of water, boil it well when the water remains half a cup of boiling.
Take it out under the strainer and mix sweet or rock salt according to the taste and use it in the morning and evening after half an hour of eating food, then all kinds of diseases related to the stomach will be cured.

Now you will say from where will I get it? So, if I also told this, then these are all the herbs that you have, you will easily get them from the grocer.

Where you live, indigenous medicines, indigenous herbs, those that are kept nearby by the shops, are called Pansari or will be easily available at the grocery store. You will tell those who have ration items, they will give it to you easily.

If you make and use it from there, then all the diseases related to your stomach will be completely cured and you will be absolutely healthy.

Ayurvedic Treatment of Stomach Diseases

Presently, I am letting you know one more Ayurvedic treatment, by which you can keep your stomach totally fine by doing the treatment.

You have to take 100 grams of myrobalan rind, which we know as Sathi Root, you have to take 100 grams, Land Amla, this is not a simple gooseberry.

If the land is Amla separately, then to take land Amla, you have to take 100 grams of your own, big Cardamom. Take 100 grams of these four things and make powders of different pieces.

When the powder is made, put it in a box and take one spoon with lukewarm water in the morning and evening after half an hour of taking food, all kinds of stomach diseases are completely cured.

There are many people who cannot eat the powder. It doesn’t matter for them; I have told you that this powder has been made.

Put this powder in water and boil it well when half a cup of boiling water remains, then take it down and add some sweet or some rock salt etc.

You have to do any one of these two measures. Add salt or add sweetener. By using it continuously, all kinds of stomach disorders are completely removed and you will become absolutely healthy.

Readymade Treatment of Stomach Diseases

Rohitkarishta is to be taken in the ready-made medicine. You will get Rohitkarishta from the market.

Those who keep indigenous medicines, will get them easily. If you use three to six spoons of any company in the morning and evening, then all kinds of disorders of your stomach will be completely removed.

Similarly, for those who are unable to drink medicines, we tell another medicine, Kravad Ras. The juice that happens. By taking one to two tablets in the morning after meals in the evening, all kinds of stomach disorders are completely destroyed and all kinds of diseases related to the stomach are cured. The patient recovers completely.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t get this juice. Do not worry, instead of using Arogyavardhini Vati two tablets in the morning, two tablets in the evening with a glass of lukewarm water before meals, all kinds of stomach disorders are completely cured.

Assuming you use it with just Arogyavardhani Vati, then, at that point, use it with boiling water so you can get the full advantage.

Because many people use it with cold water, then they do not get the full benefit. So, therefore, use hot water with Arogyavardhani Vati and take full advantage.

And I would like to tell you one thing, in every article I will tell you three remedies.

Home remedies, Ayurvedic medicines, and readymade remedies, out of which you have to do only one treatment, in that too I will tell you that those who cannot take the decoction can take the powder. People who can’t take medicine, can take pill, do whatever you like

And from your routine, the doctors who are nearby, your family doctors kept showing them how much you had got relief in the stomach that you also feel that yes, what they told me is absolutely right.

Abstinence in Stomach Diseases

Now let me tell you the abstinence. Along these lines, in light of the fact that no medication works without eating fewer carbs, the principal thing is forbearance.

  1. You do not have to use fried and fried smoothies, hot chilies, spices things of the market.
  2. Similarly, do not use too much tea, too much coffee or too many cold drinks.
  3. Do not use too much meat and eggs.
  4. Utilization of intoxicants like tobacco, gutka or bidi, cigarette, utilization of liquor is particularly denied in this.
  5. Do not use medicines that cause severe pain.
  6. Not using too many antibiotics, yes, if it is necessary for a long time, then use it for a few days.
    Steroids should not be used for a long time.
    Similarly, don’t have too much tension.
  7. Do not sleep after having food. Do not sit after eating. There should be a half-hour break in the water between.
    Similarly, do not drink a lot of water at once.
  8. Drinking a lot of water also sees that our digestive system gets spoiled.
  9. So, drink water, put a little gap behind it and drink a glass as it is, if you feel thirsty again after 2 hours, you will drink a glass of water after 2 hours.
  10. If you drink half a glass of water, it is also said that if you want to drink eight glasses of water in the whole day, then drink water in an interval of 2 hours so that there is no load on your stomach and do not eat fast food, eat chewed food.
  11. Similarly, there are many people who eat food very quickly, then do not do this very comfortably, chew it by chewing small pieces and eating it so that you can get the full juice of the food in your body.

What Should We Eating Things in Stomach Diseases?

  1. Now let me tell you what is beneficial for you.
  2. First of all, I would say that you should drink lukewarm water in winter and drink pot water in summer.
  3. Do not drink freeze water.
  4. Similarly, which is very beneficial for you, like exercise at least one hour throughout the day.
  5. If suppose you can’t give an hour together, then it doesn’t matter.
  6. Walking for 10-15 minutes after eating food is also very beneficial for you.
  7. Similarly, use more green vegetables.
  8. Similarly, the use of fruit juice according to the season of the fruit is more beneficial and drink the same glass of water in 1 hour.
  9. Don’t drink too much water at once.
  10. Drinking soup of green vegetables is also very beneficial for you and whatever food you eat, eat it little by little.
  11. What happens to many people? If the food is not digested at once, then I will tell those people that you should eat as much food as you eat in the whole day.
  12. Eat the same food three times four times or five times six times so that your digestion power gradually increases gradually and your digestive system will increase, then stomach diseases will go away on their own.
  13. And friends in the last, I would like to say this much. It is a very good thing if you get the full benefit from the tips given by me. If you are not able to take full benefit from the herbs mentioned by me and please consult your nearest doctor. Thank you. 
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