What are The Benefits of Alsi for our Health-Benefits of Flaxseed

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What are The Benefits of Alsi for our Health-Benefits of Flaxseed

Flaxseed is known as flaxseed and in many cities as Tisi. Known as Linnaeus in Latin language.
The force factor is linseed. There is weakness in the body, when we use it, then it gives strength to the body, hence it is called force factor. (use of pomegranate for human beings)

Many Benefits of Alsi for Our Health

Benefits of Flaxseed for Lubrication (Saffron beneficial for woman during pregnancy)

When there is dryness or dryness in the body due to many reasons. Like in the intestines in the skin, then by using it, it provides smoothness in the body.
Due to which the body starts working properly, it is used more in Ayurveda for lubrication and for massaging.

Benefits of Flaxseed for Every Pain

Due to the increase of Vata dosha in the body, Vataja disorders arise due to which there is pain in the bones, muscles, nerves, and stiffness in the joints of the body.
The use of flaxseed is very beneficial to eliminate it. (use of saffron milk is very beneficial)

Benefits of Flaxseed (Alsi ) heart disease

If there is a blockage in the veins and arteries of the heart, then the patient feels nervous, restless, breathlessness, pain in the chest. Flaxseed can be used as a treatment in this disease because it contains omega-3 and fatty acids. Which opens the blockage of veins and arteries? Due to which the patient becomes completely healthy.

Benefits of Flaxseed (Alsi ) In Anti-Inflammatory

To eliminate the swelling in any part of the body, it is very beneficial to eat and apply it, its use is very beneficial in reducing the increased bad cholesterol. The omega-3 and fatty acids present in it cure the bad cholesterol of the birthday.

Beneficial Flaxseed in Menopause

The problem of menopause comes prematurely due to today’s food and lifestyle. Flaxseed is beneficial to cure this. Due to an imbalance in the hormones of COD Holistic and Andes females, water cart is generated over the ovum. Due to which the menstrual cycle of the woman decreases or stops. PCOD is very beneficial to cure it.

Benefits of Flaxseed (Alsi ) Cough Suppressant

Cough is tight due to accumulation of phlegm in the respiratory tract or lungs or due to infection. By using it, the accumulated phlegm melts and ends with cough.

Alsi Benefits in Fatty Liver Healer

Liver becomes fatty due to wrong eating habits, obesity or excessive use of alcohol. Due to which the digestion of the stomach gets spoiled. There is always a complaint of pain in the stomach. Its use is beneficial to cure fatty liver.

Benefits of Alsi in Anti Fat

Nowadays, due to food and lifestyle or due to genetics, there is an increase in body fat or obesity. To eliminate this, exercise and eat less or do fasting. This does not reduce obesity, but weakness comes. If we use flaxseed in its treatment, then due to the vitamin B and omega 3 fatty acids found in it, obesity will also end and the weakness of the body will not come.

Benefits of  Varicosyl Killer

In varicocele, due to the failure of the valves of the veins of the patient’s testicles, the flow of blood occurs downwards. But he is not able to go upwards and the pain in the patient’s testicles, the small size of the testicle hangs, that childless child becomes femininity. To eliminate all these diseases, mix equal quantity of cinnamon in flaxseed and use one spoon with warm water after meals in the morning and evening.

And massage linseed oil on the testicles and boil the flowers of Keshu in water and apply nappy or spotter, this disease ends without operation.
People suffering from cancer, whose destroyed cells gather in one place and form lumps and take the form of cancer, which is due to the deficiency of the body’s immune system.
When such patients use a spoonful of flaxseed powder with lukewarm water after meals, then flaxseed prevents the spread of cancer cells and keeps them away from the risk of cancer.

It Also Removes the Deficiency of Immunity.

Persons troubled by immunity are sometimes troubled by disease.
Because our body’s ability to fight disease becomes due to the weakening of the system. When such a person uses flaxseed, then his immune system increases.

Benefits of Alsi (Flaxseed) in Diabetes

Day-to-day weakness in the body continues in the patients suffering from diabetes.
Diabetes weakens the eyes, kidneys and nerves. To avoid this, patients resort to insulin pills and injections, which also stop working in a short time. Diabetes occurs when the pancreas is needed by the body. Makes less insulin than usual

Benefits of Alsi for Varicose Veins

Varicose veins are caused by damage to the valves of the veins in the joints, in the calves, in the toes. Due to which there is numbness, swelling and pain in the feet of the patient, due to which
The person gets injured. When such patients take a spoonful of flaxseed powder with warm water after eating and massage with linseed oil, then the problem of varicose ends.

Alsi Improves Digestion Power

The food given to people suffering from linseed digestion power is not digested. gas is formed. There is heaviness in the stomach. There is pain in the stomach. The belching starts coming. For example, when patients take a spoonful of flaxseed powder with warm water in the morning and evening, the problem related to digestion gets cured.

Alsi – (Flaxseed) Anti Constipation Flaxseed

The patient suffering from constipation goes to bowel movement once or twice a week. Which is due to dryness in the intestines, when such patients use flaxseed, the dryness of the intestines ends and the problem of constipation ends from the root. ,

Alsi – IBS Irritable Bowel Syndrome

People suffering from IBS have to go to bowel movement several times in a day, this disease occurs till the sensitivity of our intestine comes. To cure this, using one spoon of flaxseed powder mixed with a bowl of curd in the morning and evening cures the patient completely.

Hair Benefits Linseed

Due to lack of complete nutrition to the hair, their growth stops and hair loss starts, due to infection in the hair, dandruff occurs, it starts itching in the head, such patients when eating a spoonful of flaxseed powder and linseed oil in the morning and evening. It is absolutely fine to massage into the roots of the hair.
When lumps of fat become in one place in the body, it spoils the beauty of the body, in such a situation, by using flaxseed, it ends up completely.

Linseed Beneficial in Hydrocele

When the body’s water accumulates in the hydrocele, the size of the hydrocele becomes large, due to which the patient has pain in sitting and walking But do massage and work by making bundles in warm sand, sand and cotton cloth. If nappies are tied, then their disease gets cured.

Flaxseed Beneficial in Skin Diseases

Acne, pimple dialogue, black spots on the body, border in the body, boils appear in places in the body, like when patients eat linseed powder and apply linseed oil, then all the diseases related to their skin end.

Flaxseed Beneficial in Urinary Tract

A person suffering from urethritis does not pass urine or the kidney does not make urine. In such a situation, mixing equal quantity of flaxseed and Gokarna powder and taking one spoon in the morning and evening ends the disease.
Toxic substances deposited in the body; urine comes out of the body through sweating.
In patients suffering from paralysis and limb loss, when the face becomes crooked or half the limb stops working. In such patients, when one spoon powder made of flaxseed and cinnamon is used before meals in the morning and evening, its disease gets cured.

Right Way to Eat Flaxseed (Alsi)

The best way is to make powder of flax seeds and use them before meals.

Eating Quantity of Flaxseed and Alsi

One teaspoonful of flax seeds powder can be taken about 5 grams in the morning and evening or 2 to 3 times a day.

Its taste is hot.
Flax seeds should not be eaten whole, they are not digested, so flax seeds should be eaten by grinding them finely and making powder.

Harms of Flaxseed and Alsi

Those whose body temperature is hot; they should use flaxseed in small quantities.
Pregnant women and women lactating children should not consume flaxseed.
Women troubled by the problem of excessive menstruation should not consume flaxseed.

Disclaimer for Flaxseed (Alsi)

All information and articles available on this site are for advice only. The information given here should not be used for diagnosis or treatment of health problems or diseases without expert advice. Always seek the advice of a qualified medical practitioner for medical examination and treatment.

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